A glorious sunny day for Cropshare again, this time round our volunteers were working on their sun tans (or burns in my case) and planting out around 2500 squash plants, of different varieties- Harlequin, Harrier, Hunter… and courgettes too. 

Harlequin squash plants
Squash plants loaded onto planting machine

Smaller plants were planted out on the planting machine, and others by hand either into bare soil or through mypex- a plastic “reusable mulch”, as explained by a Cropshare member in the video. 

Planting squashes into the plastic mypex mulch
Planted with care
Sky the dog comes to help
Watering in squashes
Serious about farming

We all enjoyed another great lunch in the sun, and  had time for more squash planting, hoeing of swiss chard and even circus acrobatics in the afternoon session. Reminds me of the onion juggling tricks seen at last year’s harvest! Thanks everyone- see you next time!

Lunch in the sun
Weeding swiss chard
Circus tricks at Cropshare!