Do we have time to mess around taking funny photos? Of course not, we’re too busy farming.

In the sunshine this Saturday, CropShare volunteers planted out a few hundred squash and cabbage plants, straightened out the mypex plastic sheet mulch that had blown all over the place in the strong winds, and weeded squash crops planted out on our last visit. Got all the jobs done!

Squashes mulched with mypex plastic 

Squashes weeded – looking good!

We also were able to share some of our first harvest with the community, at the Cambridge Town and Country Fair. We shared the Transition stall with the fantastic community bakery project, Cambake, and shifted about 50 fantastic lettuces, and and plenty of tomato, squash and aubergine plants. We also provided some tomato plants to the Romsey Community Garden. Photos of these in situ coming soon!

Harvesting fresh lettuces from the field

At the Town and Country Fair stall

Brilliant lettuces at Transition’s Town and Country Fair stall

Thanks to Axel for the great extra photos.