We enjoyed brilliant sunshine as we kicked off work with over 20 volunteers for the first session of Cropshare 2012. Everyone was raring to go and weeded around an acre of broad beans, celery and lettuces in no time. 

Hoeing broad beans, planted by Cropshare volunteers last autumn.

We even had the chance to investigate weed-based hair replacement structures…
101 ways with chickweed
Nice barnet!

We put mesh covers in place, to protect this lettuce crop from wind and hungry animals other than ourselves. This was fun and games as the wind had picked up by this point!

 Lunch was amazing as usual- thanks all for sharing your delcious homemade bread, salads, onion tart, scones, jams, cheescake… The trick is to try a little bit of everything and not get too full so you fall asleep for the afternoon session.

Just some of the fab deserts we tucked into

The afternoon turned cloudy but saw volunteers either out on the tractor-mounted planting machine putting in onions….

Three Cropshare volunteers get a tractor ride as they plant onion plants 

It really is like Alton Towers- but with more onions
A volunteer does a quality control check and fills in a few gaps left by the tractor planter 

…Or sowing cabbage and brussels sprout seed into modules for planting out later in the year.

Tiny cabbage seed sown in to modules

And then the hail started! Those of us who ducked into the polytunnels could not hear ourselves think due to the racket- but even the surprise hailstorm was enjoyed!

Hail piled up against the polytunnel sides from the surprise downpour

After it brightened up, we had time to go out and make friends with the farm’s chickens.
Tame chicken!
Chickens: up close and personal

Thanks to all out volunteers who did a great job being organic farmers for a day, and  to Claire and Axel for extra photos!