We blasted it on saturday and had a right seed sowing session – sowed out literally thousands of leek, calendula and cornflower, seed into module trays. Boom! We also pricked out small lettuce, tomato and pepper seedlings into module trays. The module trays will be grown on outside covered with fleece or in the polytunnels and will be either planted out in the field with the planter or into the polytunnels in the case of toms and peppers when big enough.

Module raising polytunnel at the mo

Module raising polytunnel

This year we are proud to be part of the Seed Co-operative and are planning to save some veg and flower seed from our crops to help bulk up and make more available open pollinated varieties that are well suited to organic agriculture. It’s frustrating that many of the favourite varieties on the farm often have their organic seed production discontinued. By getting more involved in saving our own seed we’ll hopefully be able to become more self sufficient and keep hold of varieties that do well and gradually improve them for our specific growing conditions.


Starting to prick out lettuce and sowing leek seed


Lettuce seedlings to prick out. The lettuce seedlings are much easier to handle than the small lettuce seed

Its an exciting time of year as we set everything up for the season ahead. Thanks alot to those who came and see you next time- sign up for the 19th March.