CropSharers had fun on the farm again scything the tall rye crop and stacking bundles of it into stooks. (Love that word! Will try to use as much as possible in everyday life this week…) Check out how we did on our first scything session here.

Andrew at Wimpole Hall Farm
This time we had more scythes on hand, Wimpole Hall Farm kindly lent us two more. Thanks so much guys! Check them out on the web here and on Twitter @WimpoleEstateNT.
Scythes in action
Not so grim reapers


Arranging the stooks


Gathering up cut cereal


 And after all that serious work, the important task of den building in the long rye straw!
Mam, look at me I built a house!
The den


Just hangin out in the stooks
Stook antics!
Eye spy!
Hiding in the stooks


After a colourful lunch, CropSharers gathered up potatoes and weeded strawberries in the sun in the afternoon.

Gathering potatoes

We always have our eyes peeled for humourously shaped vegetables, so…

Love at first sight
Sky helps dig up potatoes…
Weeding strawberries
Strawberry plant
Vegetable- based rewards! (the best kind)
Big blue fen sky