Last month CropShare volunteers Ben, Reggie and Axel attended the first FarmHack event in the Uk, at the lovely Ruskin Mill in Gloucestershire. Here’s a collection of inspiring blog posts, galleries and tweets about the weekend:

UPDATE: And here’s a link to the aforementioned programme – it even features CropShare’s very own Ben:

A report from the UK’s first Farm Hack, an initiative from the USA to help smaller farms.

Source: BBC Radio 4 – On Your Farm, Farm Hack UK

@Feelsgoodtoeat did an amazing job at explaining what FarmHack is all about, together with gorgeous pictures:

the-field-kitchen-a-snail-shell-house-with-grass-roof-photo-by-charlotte-haworthLast weekend I attended a rather unusual festival. The venue was a large field and various other parts of a farm – nothing so unusual about that…

Source: Farmhack Launch – Festival for All! | Abundance Garden

A great photostory in two parts by @IndieFarm:

The Landworkers Alliance held the first ever Farm Hack event outside of north America at Ruskin Mill Farm, Gloucestershire. The event brought together over 100 farmers, growers, fab

Source: FARM HACK at Ruskin Mill – Day 1 – Indie Farmer

Farm Hack at Ruskin Mill Farm Day 2 was all about open space discussion and capturing lessons learnt and planned actions from Saturday’s workshops and seminars.

Source: FARM HACK at Ruskin Mill Farm – Day 2 – Indie Farmer

A great Flickr gallery by Severine of The Greenhorns in the US:

Lovely pictures and writeup by @ClemSandison:

Still not had enough? Check out our own FarmHack picture gallery here!