CropShare volunteer Jacky supported CropShare by buying some fresh apples and onions from us- here she is with the fresh ingredients on the farm!

Apples were picked by CropShare volunteers at Farmer Paul’s orchard in Reach, see our blog post about that here. There were plenty more apples than we expected, so as well as charity donations, Jacky’s chutney was a great use for local surplus of seasonal fresh fruit.

Apple harvest


Onions were planted, weeded and harvested by CropShare volunteers at the farm in Lode. Here’s our post about bringing the onions in to dry in one of the polytunnels.


Onions drying in polytunnel

She’s now cooked up some CropShare Chutney, and is selling it in her shop The Cambridge Cheese Company.

The jars have a bespoke label with our web address and name on- fame at last!


Just in time to add to Christmas hampers. Come and pick up your very own local CropShare chutney at her shop in All Saints Passage. Thanks for the support Jacky!