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Hunt the squash…

It’s time to harvest squash and apple crops at the farm!

The orchard had a tidy up this month as we scythed away long grass around the young trees to let our pickers through. The sheep have also been running around in there keeping the grass down.

P1100643 orchard


The apple trees were all budded by Farmer Paul and are about 10 years old now. Varieites include various Laxtons, Spartan and Greensleeves.

P1100646 jerry

Jerry just visible through apples!

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P1100668 apple


P1100687 apples


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Sky taking a well earned break

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Loading up the Landy 

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 I can carry more boxes than you


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 Quality testing of apples underway !




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And after safely storing away our harvest, how better to celebrate than with an apple and squash themed shared lunch? MMM. 🙂

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