It’s quite a crucial time at the farm this time of year – lots of seedlings are desperately waiting to be planted, and those pesky weeds just keep on growing.

Here’s Farmer Paul’s plan for the day:



But it’s the Strawberry Fair weekend – will we get enough volunteers for the job?
This doesn’t stop Farmer Paul who made mega preparations for the planting team:




Whole Lotta Leaks

Whole Lotta Leaks

With no time to waste, all from our small and dedicated group gulp down their teas and rush out to the field- except for the, *cough*, continental crew (including myself), who arrive suitably late.

Nooooooo! Don't run over our precious volunteers, Reggie!

Nooooooo! Don’t run over our precious volunteers, Reggie!

We got planting and soon were powering through our long to do list. By the end of the day we had planted about 14,000 plants no kidding! And still had a smile on our faces 🙂

Keep smiling!

14,000 plants later you just gotta keep smiling!